New Patients

Usually around the ages of 2 to 3 we recommend your child have their first appointment to take a ride in the dental chair. At this visit, a thorough cleaning will be done by a hygienist followed by a comprehensive examination by one of our doctors. The age of the child, as well as the existence of previous x-rays, will determine if any radiographs are necessary. We allow parents to accompany their children throughout the office, which fosters a very relaxed environment for all those involved.

Parents often wonder what to say to their small child prior to their first dental visit. In brief, keep the mention of your child’s appointment calm and casual. Many parents with small children find it helpful to tell their child that the dentist is a doctor who takes care of teeth to make sure that they stay clean and healthy. Some children may be apprehensive before the appointment. Your local library should have some children’s books about “going to the dentist”. Such books can give children a visual idea of what to expect at their first dental appointment. Choose books that encourage a positive outlook about their first dental visit.

Our front office staff is always happy to answer your concerns and questions and provide helpful suggestions for encouraging a fun first visit. They can also schedule a walk-through tour of the office if you wish to visit with your child before your actual appointment day.

If you are being referred to our office by a pediatrician, family dentist or another pediatric dentist, please inform our staff of your child’s existing dental problems. Any diagnostic x-rays that were taken by a previous dentist should be obtained and forwarded to us prior to your child’s appointment.

When you bring your child here, we welcome you to sit near your child and observe their first dental experience here with us. We like to form a positive relationship with the children and ask that you allow us to have your child’s full attention so that we can make this a fun experience. by using positive, encouraging words and phrases we can help even an apprehensive child have an enjoyable visit with us.

We look forward to meeting you at your first visit.