Financial Information

Dear Parents:

We welcome you and your family to our office.  We take pride in providing quality dental care for families. Please take time to review our office financial policy, as these guidelines have been designed to better serve your individual needs.

Payment Policy:

In providing quality care we prefer payment the day services are provided.  This can be in the form of check, credit card, or cash payment or a combination of payment from you and your insurance company.  If the person financially responsible does not bring the child to the dental office, then please make financial arrangements before the appointment.

Payment Plans and Contracts:

Estimates are given for future treatment.  At the time you receive the estimate, the business office will discuss with you a plan for payment of services.

Payment Plans are offered for immediate dental work to allow families to space the payments with their budget.

Contract Plans are offered for orthodontic treatment, which often extends from six months to two years.  A penalty for late payment will be charged if your scheduled payment is 30 days overdue to cover the administrative costs of managing the account.

Insurance Policy:

To make it easier for all involved, we will handle insurance as follows:                                                

Families are expected to:                                                                                                

1.  Supply us with current account and insurance information.

2.  Make payments on the day for service for:

         – Annual deductibles

         – Any portion of the fee not covered by insurance.

         – Fees of services that the insurance reimburses the member directly

3.  Pay promptly any balance left due after all insurance money is received by our office.

The business office will:                                                                                                  

  1. Complete and submit insurance forms so insurance payments will be made directly to the dental office for most insurance companies.
  2. After the insurance payment is received we will bill the family for any remaining balance.
  3. We expect that this remaining balance will be paid upon receipt of the bill.
  4. A penalty for late payment will be charged for payments thirty days overdue to cover the administrative costs of managing the account.

Credit Cards:

For your convenience we honor most major credit cards.

Special Note: 

If you have any questions, or if we can help you in any way, please contact our business office.